TVI’s latest programme – Critical Core Skills which was awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore in August 2022 to deliver 16 core competencies in this framework.

Thought Leadership in the Transformative and Emerging Critical Core Skills domain field through ongoing research and educative platforms.

Identify and/or build on new and existing corporate clients to help them utilize Critical Core Skills as a core tool for enabling and reinforcing the right corporate culture.

Embed Critical Core Skills into our modular, stackable qualifications pathway for our learners to attain the necessary credentials and graduate as a well-rounded scholar or a well credentialed T-Shape Professional.

These skills are categorized into three purposes, with specific competencies for each purpose

  1. Thinking Critically
  2. Interacting with Others
  3. Staying relevant

Each of these competencies are delivered at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Thinking Critically
Creative Thinking
  • Basic - Creative Mindset
  • Intermediate - Creative Approach to Design Thinking
  • Advanced - Creativity in Business Thinking

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Decision Making
  • Basic - How to Make Decisions Faster, Better and Smart at Work
  • Intermediate - Decision Making Process
  • Advanced - Critical Business Making Process

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Problem Solving
  • Basic - Problem Solving Fundamentals
  • Intermediate - Problem Solving with Emotional Intelligence
  • Advanced - Business Solutions Analysis Models

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Sense Making
  • Basic - Interpret data to make sense of information
  • Intermediate - Analyse Data to Make Sense of Implications
  • Advanced - Evaluate information to improve analysis

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Transdisciplinary Thinking
  • Basic - Identify areas for Transdisciplinary self-improvement
  • Intermediate - Identify Opportunities for Transdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Advanced - Manage interdisciplinary collaboration

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Interacting with Others
Building Inclusivity
  • Basic - Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Intermediate - Building Inclusivity in the workplace
  • Advanced - Global Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Basic - Operational Collaboration for Business
  • Intermediate - Collaboration for Success
  • Advanced - Collaboration For Business Success

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  • Basic - Effective Communication for Workplace Operation
  • Intermediate - Delivering the Right Business Communication Way
  • Advanced - Business Communication Skills

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Customer Orientation
  • Basic - Prioritise Customer Orientation
  • Intermediate - Practice successful customer orientation
  • Advanced - Create wonderful customer experience
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Developing People
  • Basic - Practice career and development plans with self and co-workers
  • Intermediate - Apply people development skills
  • Advanced - Develop conducive environment for employee growth
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  • Basic - How to Influence People in Today’s Business?
  • Intermediate - Influence Marketing Strategy
  • Advanced - Leadership In Digital Age
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Staying Relevant
  • Basic - Identify gaps of evolving changes
  • Intermediate - Managing Change in Today’s Evolving World
  • Advanced - Prepare organisation through a time of change

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Digital Fluency
  • Basic - Essential Digital Skills for Workplace
  • Intermediate - Digital Technology Skills
  • Advanced - Breaking into the Digital Culture and Technology

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Global Perspective
  • Basic - Global Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Cultural Environment
  • Intermediate - Business Globalisation
  • Intermediate - Emerging Business Trends through Digital Market
  • Advanced - Develop Global Perspectives Insights

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Learning Agility
  • Basic - How to Influence People in Today’s Business?
  • Intermediate - Administer different approaches to maximise learning
  • Advanced - Develop learning using new technology

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Self Management

  • Basic - Recognise Your Own Wellbeing
  • Intermediate - Strategic Self-Management at the Workplace
  • Advanced - Develop self-management to improve well-being

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Training Vision Institute is proud to be the only Training Provider that has been approved to run all 48 competencies (16 x 3) under

Individuals will need to equip themselves with CCS in order to be employable and employed as well as to enable them to acquire technical skills which they need to perform in the job roles that they serve in, to adapt to changes and seize career development opportunities.

Employers will be able to build not just technical skills amongst their employees but also CCS so that their organisations can be nimble and agile by reskilling and upskilling their employees when corporate strategies change and business needs transform.

Critical Core Skills

How does the Training Vision curriculum differ from the others?
Bite-sized theories
Emphasis on real workplace examples
Case studies
Educational technology tools
Learn . Unlearn. Re-Learn

Experimental Learning

Equip every individual with a learning Plan across the 3 clusters for Re-skilling and Up-skilling.



Supplement your learning with professional career coaching sessions that include an Interview Prep Course, A Digital Saviness Test and an Indivisual Profiling Tool.


Assessment Clinic

Reflect and refine your skills through a series of bite-sized learning and practical projects with your Trainers and Employer.


Ready for Employment

Prepare you with real job interviews, current job listings with salary benchmarks and continuous subscription based micro-learning to stay relevant