Freddie Yap

As Training Vision Institute’s curriculum specialist, Freddie mainly reviews and develops our leadership curriculum. He definitely possesses a positive spirit and his dedication and commitment towards the entire CAD department is extremely guaranteed.

Khin Myint Maw

As the customer service officer, Khin Myint Maw helps the customers, learners in the centres, trainers and consultants to solve issues including class schedules, registrations, withdrawals and transfers of classes, all while ensuring that the training centres operate smoothly.

Jane Tan

As the backend support of the Corporate Sales Team, Jane fulfils the registrations after the sales executives have engaged with corporate clients. Through these registrations, each trainee will then be able to attend the courses and benefit from the subsidies from the government.

Liana Ali

Liana is Training Vision Institute’s Deputy Director of Higher Learning Operations in the Central Academic Division. Before joining TVI two years ago, she acquired expertise from her 15 years of experience in the curriculum and training industry.

Lin Zheng Wei, Learner, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Campaign Strategy

“This programme solidifies a beginner foundation in Digital Marketing. It enables learners to inherit the essentials, understand the processes and enjoy better e-learning.”

Annie Goh, Learner, Workplace Literacy and SFDW

“After taking the English course, I am now able to speak better. I also did not expect that I would apply what I learned from the SFDW course in using my phone. Now I know how to search stuff on Google and use mobile apps.”

Josephine Chay, Learner, Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security

“I did some research and found that Training Vision provided basic but more in-depth training in cybersecurity. I like the fact that we have face to face classes. It encouraged discussions that cannot be done easily during online sessions. I don’t mind the career switch. After finishing this course, I do look forward to joining something related to cybersecurity so that I can practice on it.”

Ong Kim Hua, Learner, Service Excellence

“Through the Service Excellence course, now I know how to improve the quality of Singapore’s service industry. Not only that, but now I also know how to put myself in customer’s shoes to provide service. Plus, I gained confidence in using technology, as well as some technological products.”


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