Academy of Service Management

Includes programmes that equip learners with the skills and information they need to succeed in a variety of hospitality settings, including travel and tourism, food, and hotel management. These programmes also prepare the learners for leadership positions and capabilities.

Academy of Technology

Includes programmes that are developed to provide tech and digital skills to the learners, boost their existing technical foundation and help them kickstart their career in the realm of modern technologies.

Academy of Humanities

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Modular & Stackable


Project-based Action Learning & Real Case Studies


Blended Learning Approach (micro-learning)


Dedicated Coaching & Mentoring Sessions


Accelerated to Academic Pathways


We provide professional and self-development programmes that will expand your skillsets and help you stay relevant in the fast-changing economy and make you job ready. We also offer education for higher learning which are modular and stackable pathway starting from Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that will make you better part of the workforce and also give you leadership capabilities.

  • Facilitated sessions with experienced adult educators
  • Clarification of learning gaps
  • Practice session on real case studies and theories
  • Brainstorming exercises with classmates to spark learning interests
  • Conducted asynchronously – “self-directed learning”
  • Bite-sized learning
  • Access given to learners a week before hand to prepare
  • Diagnostic test to assess learner’s competency
  • Online documents submission
  • Project-based application
  • Reflective practice with action plan journal
  • Practical applications using digital tools
  • Guided mentored learning in groups

Certificate programmes are focused on specific skill and provide you with the formal qualifications. These programmes are usually designed to make you a skilled worker with a broad range of specialised knowledge.

Diploma programmes allow you to work in a range of scenarios that are framed by established parameters. These courses give you a better understanding of a specific subject. They also teach you how to communicate effectively with your colleagues, analyse difficult challenges and make decisions based on your best judgment.

Advanced Diploma programmes certify you as a highly qualified worker with specialised expertise. It allows you to work as a skilled worker or as a paraprofessional. A paraprofessional is someone who is capable of performing specified tasks in a profession but is not completely qualified.

Post-graduate diploma courses can be taken once you have your Bachelor’s degree. This will further equip you with specialised knowledge in one area of study. Professionals with this level of qualification are thought to be critical thinkers, strong communicators, and problem solvers who can effectively process and convey knowledge.

Practicemaster is designed to educate students for a certain professional job and are mostly taught, while work placements and independent study projects may be included. For some, professional experience may be required.