January 13, 2022 |
Training Vision Institute Open House 2022: Your Guide to Finding Your Dream Career

Training Vision Institute held its first open house for the year last January 8th, showcasing its courses on leadership, management, and technology. The aim of the event is to aid learners on which career path they should choose based on their skill sets.


The TVI Open House is divided into 5 parts, representing 5 bullet train platforms. Each platform contains course previews, plus a brief chat with the Academic Management Partnership Director Adrian Raj who talked about what it looks like to be enrolled in one of the TVI courses.


Advanced Diploma in Service Management


Just like other industries, the service industry is also evolving. It is becoming more and more customer-centric and it needs professionals who have the skills to respond to the demand for excellent service. Leadership, planning and processes, and people management are the core competencies that are developed in the Advanced Diploma in Service Management. This programme is perfect for individuals whose skills are customer-centric, and those who are keen on managing a culturally diverse workforce.


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Graduate Diploma in Service Management


If digitalisation has provided one huge advantage to businesses, it is probably allowing them to stay relevant during the pandemic that crippled the world economy. Digitalised businesses, to keep up with its fast-changing environment need leaders that are skilled in developing digital strategies and digital product management. Professionals who aspire to become digital leaders should take Graduate Diploma in Service Management, the programme that will help them enhance their digital skills as leaders, and enhance their careers in the service industry.


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Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (Advanced Standing)


The power of digitalisation extends to providing more jobs for skilled professionals. The industry that used to only cater to government agencies, finance, and health is now being sought after by almost all industries. In Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (Advanced Standing), professionals who are interested in computer programming and cyber security can enhance their skills and be employable. What’s more, they also have the opportunity to put their technical skills into practice.


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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy


While traditional marketing is still in sight, digital marketing has been on the rise and it’s growing rapidly that it has created an industry of its own. With the internet platforms that are also growing in numbers, skilled professionals in marketing may want to consider taking the digital route.


Individuals who are keen on social media marketing and those who have the knack for writing compelling content that sells—this course is for them. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Campaign Strategy covers customer experience management, search engine marketing optimisation, content strategy, social medial marketing, advanced digital marketing techniques, and more.


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