July 29, 2022 |
We Are Launching Our New Brand

Life-long learning has always been our advocacy, and it will always be. There have been hundreds of people who went on their learning journey with us, and many of them have now become successful in their chosen fields. It is an absolute honour for us to be part of their journey, and as we are moving on to the next chapter of our story, we decided to shift gears a little bit and take a huge role in bridging the gap.


Bridging the “gap”

The digitalisation of the economy is a beautiful change – it opened plenty of doors for new opportunities, expanded various industries, and made room for modern innovation. Corporations have been working hard to meet the demands of the rapidly-changing economy. However, no matter how good this change looks, there are still those who are not ready to embrace it, and there are many of them. For these people, changes are daunting and scary. Changes removed them from their comfort zone. Transformations created disruption in their workplaces.


As we looked deeper into this, we learned that the digital transformation appeared to be frowned upon simply because many are not prepared for it. Workers fear digitalisation because they lacked the skills that would allow them to do their jobs efficiently. In fact, 73% of Singapore’s workers believe that they don’t feel very equipped to learn the digital skills needed by today’s corporations, while 71% believe that they don’t feel very equipped for the future.


The skills mismatch is real, and it refers to a fundamental gap between the talents that job seekers possess and the skills that companies value in their workers. Finding employment and finding personnel with the right training for employers are both made harder by this gap.


This gap is viewed as a major concern by many, and this includes us. So we decided to step forward and take charge. Training Vision Institute wants you to believe that change does not have to be scary. We want you to think that change is an opportunity for growth. We want to help you be equipped with all the necessary skills you need not only for today’s economy but for the future as well.  We want to help increase the number of people who are actively involved in digital skills learning which is currently at only 29%.


Our new look

It took us multiple deliberations to finally come up with our new look. We went from one design to another, keeping in mind that we have a message to convey, and it is important to deliver this message well to our learners and to our audience.


Ready talents employed by the best corporations.


The design should make them think about what impact Training Vision has in their learning journey. It should make them feel inspired to upskill because they have a concrete goal to achieve. It should give them a source of motivation and empowerment.




These blocks, even if they look aligned and somewhat proportionate, they never seem to match. These seemingly loose pieces of the puzzle represent both the underskilled and over-skilled employees who are not perfect fits for their jobs, and the corporations that work hard to fill in the gaps but to no avail. They represent skills mismatch.



Skills mismatch, brought by skills obsolescence and skills shortages can hugely affect these corporations. It results in increased employee turnover, low morale, productivity loss and even low quality of work.


This is where Training Vision Institute comes in. We are the brand that will help job seekers, employees and career shifters to prepare themselves in becoming the exact talent that the corporations are in search of. Through our customised pathway for the talents, the business units will be essential to the overall journey of the learners. Corporations can also benefit as we can provide them with the talents that are a perfect fit for the job their offer.



Ready talents employed by the best corporations

Our advocacy still includes lifelong learning, but we established a much clearer goal for those who want to commit themselves to learn and upskilling. Our new branding message, Ready Talents Employed by the Best Corporations makes us committed to bridging the gap between employees and corporations. We do this through the continuous provision of our world-class learning courses in self-development and higher learning which are all modular and stackable and will certify for certain skills even before you complete the entire programme.


Join us in the next chapter of our story as we continue to be your formidable source of learning and empowerment.