January 25, 2022 |
Top 10 Jobs in Singapore in 2022 

The past two years proved to be a complete struggle for companies across multiple industries. Fortunately, most of these organisations used the time to figure out and discover the weakness of their businesses, along with their priorities. They now have a much clearer understanding of how to strengthen their businesses, alleviate the risks, and come up with long-term strategies that would allow them to transpire even much stronger after any given crisis.

In 2022, most companies are ready to take employees once again. The skills they are looking for might be different this time—skills that would be useful in their newly reinforced businesses. 

Jobs in Singapore

While the rate of unemployment skyrocketed during the pandemic, it also opened a lot of doors for new skills to acquire and therefore more jobs that we didn’t think we’d need later in life, or the future for that matter. In Singapore, 4 job sectors are said to do well in 2022.


  1. Finance and Insurance


In 2020, the banking, finance, and insurance sector became the 3rd largest contributor to GDP, accounting for 15.7%. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, it is reported to have increased by 9%.  

The intense growth of the financial services industry was mainly steered by the insurance sector. We all witnessed how people clamoured for life insurance plans as a response to the ongoing crisis. This opened the doors for employment in the industry, as 28% of the employers from the industry expressed their plans to hire this year.  



  1. ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology)


IT and digital solutions will be highly in demand this year. The pandemic has made us discover many things, including the usefulness and convenience brought by online transactions. Companies from almost all industries digitalised their entire business in order to stay relevant to the consumers. Retail businesses resorted to cashless payments, finance turned to online banking, and cashless payment apps became on the rise in the past two years. Cyber security has also been a huge issue (even during the pre-pandemic period) thus, the need for IT and cyber security professionals are also on the rise. Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo previously stated that roughly 20,000 digital jobs will be created, and these digital roles will expand across multiple industries to help businesses cope while they undergo digital transformation. 



  1. Services


In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the total services trade expanded by 7.5%. This growth is said to be brought by both exports and imports of services during the quarter. The export of business services such as financial, repair, and maintenance services has risen. Meanwhile, the increase in the imports of manufacturing, telecommunication, computer, and information services was also reported. 

Statistics Singapore’s latest Business Expectations Survey for the Services Sector reported that 10% of service firms are expected to increase hiring by the 4th quarter of 2021. 


  1. Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade


This industry became the country’s largest contributor to GDP in 2020 at 21.5%. Despite being a tiny dot of an island in the world map, the manufacturing scene in Singapore is stronger than anyone had imagined—mainly electronics, chemicals, biomedical, and precision engineering).  11% of the manufacturers are expected to hire in the 4th quarter of 2021. 


If your job is coming from one of the industries mentioned above, it is safe to say that you’re to keep it for a long time. If you are planning to make a career shift, it is best to consider jobs from the industries mentioned above to ensure stability as you can keep the job for a long time.

Top 10 Jobs in Singapore for 2022


Now that we know which industries in Singapore are in dire need of new workers, here are the top 10 jobs that are highly in demand in the country.


  1. Data Analysts


Acquired data is just a group of numbers that make no sense if no one actually knows how to read it and interpret what it means. Data analysis, or the process of cleaning, transforming, and analysing data is performed to get valuable insights from it. 


Why is it important: Data analysis is used practically everywhere—from marketing to business management, and has become an essential part of the now digitalised businesses.


Related job/s: Data Scientist


Where to learn this skill: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy at Training Vision Institute.


  1. Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing has become one of the pillars of digital marketing, as more and more consumers spend their time on various social media platforms. There are 4.6 billion social media users in Singapore alone, which makes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube exceptional places to showcase brands, along with their products and services.


Why is it important: It is easier to reach your target audience and prospect customers in places where they are most likely to be. Excellent social media marketing can lead a business to a lot of opportunities and rapid growth.


Related job/s: Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Specialist


Where to learn this skill: Training Vision offers Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy. This course will equip you with all the necessary skills needed to accelerate your career in digital marketing. Click here to find out more.


  1. SQL (Structured Query Language) Programmer


SQL and data analysis go hand in hand—SQL is the tool that allows businesses to acquire and store information of the consumers as well as business partners. This is where the data analysts get the data that they need to clean, transform, and analyse and use the valuable insights from that in strategising business reinforcements. 


Why is it important: SQL is becoming an essential element to form the backbone of various business software platforms including marketing platforms, email automation, as well as project management tools.


Related job/s: Web Developers


Where to learn this skill: Training Vision Institute’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Campaign Strategy includes a module that has SQL lesson which is beneficial to those who’d want to embark on their digital careers.


  1. Digital Marketers


Digital marketing encompasses all the marketing efforts of businesses, and this is the main reason why it has become popular in the past years. It creates brand awareness in various digital platforms which makes the audience easier to reach. It is also an industry that is constantly and rapidly evolving, thus, there is always a need for fresh talents.


Why is it important: There are not many people these days that do not use the internet, and businesses are taking advantage of this by using the internet as well to showcase their brands, along with their products and services.


Related job/s: Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Specialist


Where to learn this skill: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy at Training Vision Institute.


  1. Javascript Developers


Javascript developers will not run out of opportunities as it is the language of the web. Most businesses these days, especially those that are digitalising are using Javascript on their websites to make their online presence rich and interactive.


Why is it important: Websites are essentially the online equivalent of physical businesses. Customers and potential clients come to the website to know more about the brand, as well as the products and services they offer. In some cases, websites also serve as the online stores of retail businesses. Their online spaces must provide a seamless customer experience.


Related job/s: Web Developers


Where to learn this skill: Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (Advanced Standing) at Training Vision Institute.


  1. Market Researchers


Data is needed to help solve business challenges and formulate strategies to strengthen businesses competencies. Hired market researchers provide just that. Market researchers are sought after by companies who want to market their product offerings to a specific market segment.


Why is it important: The digital transformation did not just for the digitalisation of businesses. It also created opportunities for businesses from various industries to solve the problem that digitalisation itself presented.


  1. Customer Relationship Managers

Happy customers are returning customers, and businesses like to take advantage of this. Excellent customer service has always been one of the main goals of companies, especially in the service industry. Customer relationship managers are known experts in making customers happy.


Why is it important: One of the components of a digital marketing strategy that is likely to succeed is excellent customer service. As we enter the digital era and digital marketing will continue to be relevant in the years to come, companies should invest in customer relationship managers.


Related job/s: Customer Success Specialist


Where to learn this skill: Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (Advanced Standing) at Training Vision Institute.


  1. Phyton Developers


Just like Javascript developers, Phyton developers are less likely to run out of opportunities. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are becoming more popular these days where their skills are needed.


Why is it important: Digital technology is here to stay, and it is evolving rapidly. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are products of innovation, and there might be a more advanced technology soon.


Related jobs: AI Developer, AI Engineer


  1. UX / UI Professionals


User experience is one of the determinants of whether a customer will buy the product from a business or not. UX / UI professionals are the ones who help a business achieve an exceptional user experience. Especially now that almost everything is done online, this customer expectation must be met.


Why is it important: Customer needs, just like the digital economy also evolve. UX / UI professionals, with their insights and skills, will allow companies to provide optimum customer experience.


Other titles: User Experience Designer


  1. Cyber Security


As much as we love the power brought to us by digital technology, it also brings that much responsibility. We have practically left everything to our Internet devices and networks that they must be protected at all costs. This is where cybersecurity professionals come into play. They keep us safe in the digital world from malicious hackers and cybercriminals that are just looking for an opportunity to attack.


Why is it important: The amount of data we store in cyberspace are goldmines to cybercriminals. Cyber security professionals will keep us safe from them.


Other titles: Cyber Security Specialist


Where to learn this skill: Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (Advanced Standing) at Training Vision Institute.

“I do not have the skills for these jobs, now what?”


As much as 2022 proves to promise various opportunities, many people might not be confident enough to take the chance simply because they do not have the skills necessary to perform the tasks required for the job. In some cases, employers would end up hiring candidates with the basic skills just to have someone do the job. 


Training Vision Institute provides various courses that contain the fundamentals of what needs to be learned in the fast-changing digital economy. Our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Campaign Strategy contains modules on social media marketing, search engine marketing, data analytics, and basically everything you need to learn about digital marketing. 

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Customer-centric leaders and managers, as well as those who aspire to become one, Training Vision has Advanced Diploma in Service Management which provides the essential knowledge on how to come up with innovative ways to provide excellent customer service. This is important because customer behaviour these days is also changing—they want a more customer-centric approach, especially in the service industry.  

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