February 22, 2022 |
Do Singaporeans Love Their Jobs?

Do Singaporeans love their jobs? Love comes in all forms, and self-love is something that deserves to be celebrated too. This also extends to the love you have for the things you do, including your job. On Valentine’s Day, we conducted a survey and asked the respondents if they love their job. Then we gave them a free eBook called Do You Love Your Job: A Guide to Finding The Job You Love. Today, we are going to show you the results.



Why Is It Important to Love Your Job?


Many people like their jobs for what it is worth—it can sustain their lifestyle, it is stable and easier to be just complacent, or maybe, there isn’t much of an option for them. While these are perfectly valid reasons to keep your job, it does not mean you need to live in frustration. You should be able to find joy in what you do because it also affects your job performance and your overall well-being.  



  1. If you love your job, you’ll feel more fulfilled – A job that you love provides extra motivation to reach your goals, and when you do, the sense of accomplishment brings an overwhelming feeling. Your career does not have to be just a source of income, it can also be a source of joy and fulfilment. It should make you feel good, both in and out of the office.


  1. It makes you more productive – Your work may suffer if you lack passion and motivation. You need to be motivated so that you can get things done, which encourages work-life balance.


  1. It can help you inspire others – Being a role model is quite fulfilling too. Not many people have the courage to follow their dreams and do what they love. If you find the job you love, you can encourage these people (especially when they’re your friends or part of the family) that it is not worth giving up their dreams just because they are too afraid to try. 


  1. Succeed is coming your way – When you love what you do, you are bound to push yourself to do more. You learn to challenge yourself, which could mean exploring new things and a new vision, or goal to achieve. 


The Survey Results


The group of respondents consists of people from different industries—healthcare, service industry, education, and technology. Here are the questions that we asked them:


Q1: Do you love your job?


70% responded yes to this. A good number of people look like they are having the time of their lives—motivated, productive and inspired.


Q2: What will make you fall in love with your job?


We provided 4 options for the participants to choose from and here’s how they responded.

High Salary: 48%

Great Boss: 48%

Learning Opportunity: 81%

Career Pathway: 33%


Almost half of the participants revealed that they are most likely to fall in love with their job if they are being paid well and they have a great boss, while the career pathway appealed to roughly 3 out of ten participants. 8 out of 10 people though, revealed that they prefer learning opportunities in their current jobs. 


Q3: What will make you hate your job?


Low Salary: 48%

Bad Bosses and Management: 59%

Slow Career Progression: 48%

No Learning Opportunities: 55%


It appears that there could be more reasons for a person to hate their jobs. Among our participants, almost half them revealed that they would hate their job for all the reasons given above.


Q4: Do you want to find a career that you love?


8 out of 10 revealed that they want to find a career that they love. Does this mean that they already found the job of their dreams, based on their answer to the first question? Or do the results to the first question suggest that perhaps they are happy with their jobs because it is easier to love a job that makes them feel stable?


What Can We Do?


After evaluating the results of our survey, we concluded that:

  • While people say they love their job, it is not clear if it is because they are really passionate about it, because the same number of people also revealed that they want to find the career that they love. 
  • Employees are motivated by high salaries and learning opportunities in their workplace.
  • There are various reasons for an employee to hate his or her job and that includes, low salary, bad bosses and management, lack of learning opportunity, and lack of career path. 


Based on these conclusions, we’ve come up with these suggestions:

  • Dig deeper into the reasons the employees why love their current job. We can conduct another survey focusing on these to come up with better findings and suggestions.
  • A high salary comes with a skill that matches your job. If you are well-equipped with the necessary skills needed for the position you are currently in, you can demand a better salary. Upskilling and proper training, therefore, open plenty of opportunities.

Falling in love with your job should be easy. You do not have to be frustrated all the time, wondering when you are going to be complacent with the job that gives you stability but keeps you wondering if this is all you can have in life. Self-satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment are just two of the many things that a career you love can offer. It can also make you motivated, inspired, and up for the challenge of trying out new things. 


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