Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore. Founded in 1991, maximising an individual’s full potential through applied knowledge has always been our objective. As we approach the era of digitalisation, we believe that talent is the main ingredient for anyone’s success. Thus, we aim to create talents in the digital economy through quality programmes that provide the necessary skills needed across different industries.


Grab the opportunity to strengthen your skills through our courses tailored to suit the requirements of various industries. Our programmes will help you learn new skills, improve your existing ones, perform better, enhance productivity, and become better leaders which will ensure that you have the necessary talents to bridge the skills gap.


Your people are your most valuable asset. Fulfil your company’s goals and carry out your strategic plans by building your best people in line. Determine the talents you are looking for and identify which of your people has transferable skills, and we will provide you with learning pathways for the right people to produce the talent you need and close the skills gap.


Help your clients boost their businesses by investing in their people through our programmes specially tailored to meet various requirements. Our courses are designed to boost the learners’ existing skills, allow them to acquire new ones and prepare them for bigger roles in the company. We work with internationally-acclaimed universities and colleges so you can be sure that we are providing state-of-the-art learning programmes.

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Our community consists of individuals with innovative mind-sets who share one aspiration—growth. Our highly-accomplished trainers, network of skilled alumni, competent staff, and world-renowned partner universities are making a significant impact on the way professionals grow by honing their talents to be proficient in the industry where their expertise is required. Be one of us and take charge of your life-long learning.

Our programmes are focused on providing learners with functional and purposeful skills that will help them succeed.

We facilitate experiential learning and provide coaching and mentoring sessions to our learners. Our programmes are modular and stackable so that each learner can choose to have their own educational plan which can address their varied educational needs.

We offer programmes that focus on professional and self-development as well as prgrammes for higher learning.

We provide a blended learning experience comprised of facilitated sessions with our programme consultants, self-directed learning and project-based applications.

Our qualifications include certificates, diplomas, degrees, post-graduate diplomas, and practicemasters.

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Women and Diversity in Tech

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The Edge of Women in the Tech Industry

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Women in Tech: Breaking the Bias

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February 26, 2022 |
Courses for Managers in Singapore

Continuous learning and developing skills are important regardless of your experience level. Granted, your skills naturally develop throughout your career, but what if it’s time for you to level up? What if you are eventually given the opportunity to manage a team? How are you going to measure your effectiveness as a leader?

This is one of the major reasons why those who aspire to be leaders in their organisations should consider enrolling in leadership and people management course. While not everyone is born a leader, one can certainly be made. These management training courses are your pathway to success as a leader.


Why You Should Take a Leadership Course?


Leadership is a concept that is as old as time. In today’s business arena where everything changes almost overnight, leaders should be able to respond to challenges with strategy, wisdom, and expertise. The pandemic also taught us that businesses need leaders that have the skills to quickly adapt to changes and cultivate a culture of engagement and accountability among the team.


Here are the reasons why you should take a leadership course:


Improved communications skills. You might say that you already possess good skills for communication, but if you are going to be a leader, the concept of communication changes. When you are a leader, adapting to different communication styles is important because your team members communicate differently. Keep in mind that good communication within your team is an essential key to your success and your entire team.


It clarifies your vision as a leader. To be a successful leader, you must have a clear and sound vision of what you want to achieve for your team, and also for your organisation. Being in leadership training allows you to step back and see the bigger picture. What does your organisation look like in the future? What are the things about your team that you can work on?


Ensure you use the most effective leadership style. Not all leaders are made equal. There are leadership styles that are effective in certain industries but don’t just work in others. The leadership training will provide you with insights into which style suits your industry best. Remember, every leadership style has its sets of advantages and disadvantages. You would want to make sure that yours has a positive influence on your team.


It’ll teach you how to influence people. Leadership is also about influencing people—your ability to affect your team and change their attitude in a given direction is one way how to gauge your leadership. In leadership training, you will learn how to motivate people, how to distinguish the good and bad sources of power, and how to identify the strong methods of influence from the weak ones.

It’ll teach you new and valuable skills. Leadership required in the digital era is way too different from the leadership required in the traditional setting. Leadership training broadens your way of thinking which will help you come up with innovative and creative ways to solve a problem. The digital era presents various challenges that may only be overcome with the use of digital technology.


Courses for Managers in Singapore


Now you might be wondering what kind of leadership training you need in your field of expertise. Training Vision Institute offers an array of leadership courses that will help you develop your skills as a leader.


#1. Leadership and People Management


Great leaders make all the difference when it comes to people management skills. While leaders must be able to perform their core responsibilities, their people management skill is equally important as it influences their team members’ motivation, as well as how people feel about their job.


A survey in 2020 says that 54% of employees in Singapore intend to stay in their jobs because their managers are effective in helping them resolve their work-related issues. Effective leaders are clearly a huge factor when it comes to company retention. This means the loyal employees are staying and wasted company resources are lessened.


Good leaders cultivate a culture of teamwork and positivity among their team members, create an exciting vision for employees, think long-term, take risks, and embrace changes. They also build interpersonal relationships and focus on their team members to get to know their strengths and weaknesses. They recognise the strengths of their teams and provide support for the weaknesses.


The Leadership and People Management course is designed in such a way that it achieves one simple goal—to produce leaders with a growth mindset. Whether you are currently a leader in your organisation or you are aspiring to be one, this course will provide you with insights into what it takes to be a leader in this era wherein so many changes have taken place, and are bound to take place in the future. It also explores a leadership development roadmap, from leading strategy development and implementation to guiding change in a diverse and fast-changing business environment.


People management is overlooked most of the time because many are under the impression that there are far more important things to focus on. While it is classified as a soft skill, it can make or break a team, and even an entire company in the process. Businesses that flourish have employees that are happy and positively motivated, all thanks to their leader with great people management skills who has compassion, enthusiasm, and appreciation for what they do.


Click this link to speak to one of our consultants on how to sign up for the Leadership and People Management course.


#2: Advanced Diploma in Service Management


The digital era has produced a business environment that has become too competitive that it created an evolved customer profile. The new customer-centric business economy no longer guarantees customer loyalty albeit the satisfaction they receive from a brand or a business.


While being a nice, polite, and out-of-the-box thinker during issue resolution can greatly improve your customer satisfaction ratings, these are also the tactics that your competitors must be doing. Service excellence is rooted in providers and their people who have the right mindset and attitude that make them capable to deliver unforgettable service to customers. All of these are also rooted in one major thing – excellent service leadership.


Customer service front liners need a leader who creates an environment that stimulates the right attitude, unbridles positivity, and upholds the highest levels of service standards. With this kind of leader, there is no doubt that customer service teams will go the extra mile and make each customer transaction remarkably different to make competition seem irrelevant.


Training Vision Institute’s Advanced Diploma in Service Management contains modules focused on service leadership, providing you with insights on how to be an effective leader in the service industry. Again, not all leaders are created equal, and different industries need different types of leadership approaches. Thus, this course is perfect for those who are in the businesses of food and beverage, tourism, retail, business services, communication, hospitality, and other businesses that provide direct service to customers. In this course, you will learn how to come up with innovative ways to provide excellent service and empower your people on how to give their best shot in doing customer service.


The effective delivery of service itself presents many challenges, and you can just imagine what it must look like to make it extra so that your customers’ experience becomes memorable. While it is easier to focus on the current trends and forget about the details of what works for your team and your organisation, these two essentially make all the difference.


If you want to know more about the course or if you wish to sign-up, click this link and speak to one of our academic consultants today.


#3: Graduate Diploma in Service Management


Digital transformation is here to stay, and if businesses must do something about it, it is to adapt and perhaps change their business models to make them work with digital technology.


The pandemic made us realise that we need business leaders who are willing to take risks and can adapt quickly to digital technology. We are in an era where change is inevitable, and we need a leader that makes us comfortable with change, no matter how disruptive.


This is what Graduate Diploma in Service Management is for.


Training Vision Institute’s Graduate Diploma in Service Management is designed for leaders and operation managers in the service industry who want to take their leadership skills to the next level. This course contains modules focused on developing the capabilities of C-suite leaders and provides insights into facilitating teams and project management in the digital age. It also includes developing digital strategies through the incorporation of social media campaigns and data analysis.


Digital technology is here to help us produce innovative ways to solve problems. Therefore, it is important that leaders, who oversee making major decisions in businesses, understand what digital transformation is all about, and how digital technology works. When leaders are confident in using digital technology, not only they are confident to digitalise their businesses, but also, their people will be comfortable amidst disruption.


Click this link to find out more about Graduate Diploma in Service Management and speak to one of our academic consultants.


Training, certifications and new learnings are not just for rookies and entry-level employees. Managers and business leaders also need training because while their experiences speak for their knowledge and wisdom, there are also things that need to be experienced outside their business realms. It is an opportunity for them to step out of their everyday responsibilities even for a moment, look at the entire picture of their business and identify what needs to be done and what needs to be worked on.


Invest in yourself. Click here and speak to one of our consultants to find out the right course for you.