CEO’s Dialogue: Accelerating Innovative GrowthThe Art & Science of ‘Driving Quantum Growth’

How can SMEs activate an accelerated roadmap for their businesses? In this exclusive CEO’s dialogue, two CEOs with decades-long expertise in managing and business innovation will discuss The Art & Science of ‘Driving Quantum Growth’ to your own business.

Programme Highlights:

✓ How to develop a business model to monetise the new strategy

✓ Activate an accelerated roadmap to execute the new strategy to drive quantum growth

Claudius Ng, President, Singapore Chamber of e-Commerce

Claudius is the founding President of the Singapore Chamber of E-commerce. Singapore Chamber of E-commerce is building an e-commerce eco-system for every Singaporean business to compete globally. Claudius believes that e-commerce is a fundamental capability for sustainable growth. His founding team consists of like-minded leaders passionate to disrupt the industries in their own areas.

Rajiv Narang, Founder and CEO, Erehwon

Rajiv founded Erehwon in 1989, and he has over the last 25 years, he has led it to become the world's & India's leading Innovation Consulting firm. Rajiv has written the thought leadership book “ÓRBIT-SHIFTING INNOVATION ‘The Dynamics of Ideas that create History.’ Rajiv's Mission is to enable the world to leverage innovation and find non-linear answers to the immense challenges facing our planet today. The mission is to build Erehwon into that powerful & catalytic force that will positively influence and transform an organisation's capacity to innovate and make a meaningful difference.

Mike Teng, Executive Director, Training Vision Institute

Er Dr Teng is currently the Executive Director of the Training Vision Institute. He’s also a best-selling author and author of several management books. Before that, he had more than 40 years of experience in leading corporate and business model transformation in the Asia Pacific region. Of these, he held Chief Executive Officer positions for more than 25 years in multinational and publicly listed companies. In addition, he was in the oil and gas, fire protection, education and training, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. He also used to advise several boards of directors of publicly-listed companies.

Patricia Bation, Marketing Manager, Training Vision Institute

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