March 29, 2022 |
Women and Diversity in Tech

The tech industry continues to be a male-dominated field. But this didn’t stop Christine Matuto from pursuing her dreams. After years of hard work, she was hailed as Security Champion of the Year Finalist (Women in IT Awards – Asia 2019), at the age of 28. Matuto shares her experience of what it’s like to be in the tech industry and who are the people who inspired her to be in thrive.




March 13, 2022 |
The Edge of Women in the Tech Industry

We’ve always wondered what it takes for women to be in the tech industry. The truth is, women have the edge – with the right key skills and soft skills, women can definitely be ahead of the game. Watch 42Metrics Pte Ltd Frieda Lee as she enumerates these skills and talks about what we can do to acquire and develop these skills.



March 6, 2022 |
Women in Tech: Breaking the Bias

We are all too familiar with a number of distinguished women in the tech industry. Yet, tech is still known as a male-dominated industry as women are still underrepresented. Watch Kaspersky Head of Public Affairs & Government Relations, APAC,  Genie Sugene Gan as she talks about how to break the gender bias in the tech industry.



November 19, 2021 |
Emerging careers in the digital era: Challenges and ways to learn

While there are jobs that have been considered “obsolete” during the digital transformation, new careers are emerging, and UX/UI design is one of them. Join us in this podcast episode as Training Vision Institute’s UX/UI designer Wong Jiayi shares her experiences in UX/UI designing and the skills that it takes to be one.