June 15, 2022 |
Using CX to Build an Omni-Channel Experience for E-Commerce | Panel Discussion

The digital customers will experience many touchpoints in your e-commerce business. Are your customers experiencing your brand in a way you want? How do you design your process so that it is consistent across your multiple market channels? Last but not least, how do you work with partners to build a highly effective model?





June 15, 2022 |
The Power Of Influence: How the 6 Principles of Persuasion Can Boost Your Marketing Conversion

How can the 6 principles of persuasion help you boost your marketing conversion? Find out through this webinar.

June 15, 2022 |
Growth Check: The Future Of Omnichannel


It’s all about the funnel. Explore how omnichannel strategies matter more than ever for your sales funnel in this special webinar with Loek Berendsen a Global Omnichannel Strategist.



June 15, 2022 |
Growth Check: What’s In Store For Cyber Security

Ever wondered what will happen in cyber security in 2022? Join us as we explore the vision and the future with Breyvan Tan, Managing Director of Wissen International, distributor of EC-Council, the largest certification body for cyber security.

June 15, 2022 |
CEO’s Dialogue: Accelerating Innovative GrowthThe Art & Science of ‘Driving Quantum Growth’

How can SMEs activate an accelerated roadmap for their businesses? In this exclusive CEO’s dialogue, two CEOs with decades-long expertise in managing and business innovation will discuss The Art & Science of ‘Driving Quantum Growth’ to your own business.

Programme Highlights:

✓ How to develop a business model to monetise the new strategy

✓ Activate an accelerated roadmap to execute the new strategy to drive quantum growth