Programme Introduction

Training Vision Institute and Swiss School of Management are proud to present the Post Graduate Diploma in Agile Entrepreneurship. It is a unique and innovative programme that will enable learners to develop a holistic approach to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. It is a new professional qualification with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals who are interested in exploring new ways of thinking about business models, leadership styles and organizational culture through the use of agile practices.


“Switzerland’s reputation of excellence is due to a highly qualified labor force performing highly skilled work.

At the Swiss School of Management our goal is to stimulate your thirst for knowledge, build your confidence and provide you with innovative classes and timely material. That’s why we not only effectively teach business fundamentals, but go one step further to ensure the development of you as a person and as a leader.

Swiss School of Management ranked among the top for alumni salary increase; by as much as 232 per cent, placing it in the 3rd place in the European Management Schools ranking. And in the ranking for the best value for investment, the Swiss School of Management ranked 8th globally and 5th in the continent.

Industry Certifications

Earn TWO certificates issued by Training Vision Institute and Swiss School of Management upon successful completion of the course.

Learn from Industry Practitioners

Gain professional insights with our industry facilitators and learn through real-world case studies.

*Plus up to 32 hours of mentoring sessions!

Possible Progression to Masters' Degree and Doctorate Degree

Stand to receive exemptions and earn an internationally recognized Master of Business Administration and Doctorate of Business Administration.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may choose to pursue a future (but not limited) in these departments/industries:

  • Business Analyst
Duration & Learning Mode

Duration: 6 Months; 9 hours a week:

Learning Mode: Blended (TVI Campus; Synchronous; Asynchronous e-learning)

*Synchronous learning run in real time virtually, with students and trainers attending together from different locations.

*Asynchronous e-learning allows you to learn on your own pace and schedule, with a certain timeframe.


For this program, students will need to complete 6 modules to achieve their Post Graduate Diploma in Business Model Transformation. To earn their MBA and DBA, students will only need to complete another 2 modules through e-learning and completion of a 15,000 words thesis paper for MBA and a 50,000 words thesis paper for DBA.

Module 1: Strategic Enterprise Project Manager

Module 2: Strategic Relationship Management

Module 3: Holistic Thinking for Good Management

Module 4: Design Thinking for Leadership That Works

Module 5: Disruptive Thinking for Agile Entrepreneurship

Module 6: Project Based Accelerated Action Learning

Module 7: Business Excellence

Module 8: Business Research Method & Needs Analysis

Module 9: Social Media Strategies

Admission Criteria

Local Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline e.g. Business Management; OR Candidates above 30 years old with 8 years of supervisory or management experience

Minimum Age Requirement:

21 years old

English Language Requirement

  • WPL (Workplace Literacy) Level 7
Singapore Citizens and PRs (40 years old and above)

Up to 70% SSG subsidy SG$4,201.89**

SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)

Eligible Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can use their SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) to offset the course fee after subsidies.

Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Eligible Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can use their Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) funds to offset the course fee after subsidies.

​Use your SFC or PSEA to further offset the course fees!​

*All Prices are inclusive of 7% GST. GST are based on full course fees, before SSG funding.

**Current prevailing SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) funding applies to Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) are not included. A non-refundable application fee of $53.50 for local students and $214 for international students will apply.

Funding eligibility criteria:

Please refer to SSG Training Grants Incentives website for the latest information.

Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
Met minimum 75% in attendance and in E-learning hours
Qualify as Competent in all WSQ Assessments Met other SSG eligibility criteria

We produce ready talents employed by the best corporations.

Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore. Founded in 1991, maximising an individual’s full potential through applied knowledge has always been our objective. As we approach the era of digitalisation, we believe that talent is the main ingredient for anyone’s success. Thus, we aim to create talents in the digital economy through quality programmes that provide the necessary skills needed across different industries.

We have five training centres scattered across the island to make training and education accessible to everyone.

1. JEM

2. The Cathay

3. Woodlands

4. Hougang

5. Tampinese

Up to 70% funding + financial assistance